Sarah & Seed Dream

Sarah’s story

Sarah Villanueva-Wilson is a valued trainer, leadership coach, speaker, facilitator, and the founder of Seed Dream. With a BA in Public Administration from the University of Michigan and over 15 years experience, she is skilled in working with leaders and teams — inspiring them to improve their game by empowering them with courage to become better versions of themselves. It is through this growth process where real change happens — impacting every aspect of their life (not only the workplace).


The dream

Seed Dream was created with the vision that most people have the inherent ability to grow into a much better version of themselves (with a little nudging). Sarah provides that necessary nudge through inspirational exercises, motivational discussions, result-driven activities, and constructive feedback. She has a great ability to provide the vision and tools one needs to see things differently than “it’s the way it’s always been done,” or “we don’t like change.” Rather, Sarah draws out individual potential to show them the reality of positive change is completely attainable and not too far out of reach.


The nurturing challenger

In her work Sarah is enthusiastic, engaging, and inspirational, so it’s no surprise her clients benefit from their time together. She has been called a “nurturing challenger,” which reflects her style of coaching — with care and directness (no coddling here!) to challenge participants, get them out of their comfort zones, and gain courage to do things differently. That’s when real growth begins to happen!

Sarah has the privilege of bringing her skills and passion to work with growing businesses, entrepreneurs, teams, and multi-million dollar companies — working with groups to improve corporate culture, gain higher workplace satisfaction, decrease turnover rates, and more!

What to expect...

To be challenged

Optimism, passion, commitment


High level of professionalism

Visionary thinking

Authenticity & transparency

Directness (no coddling)

Thought-provoking insight

Exciting learning environment

Tools to walk away with

Benchmarked results

Outcomes & Benefits

More efficient workplace

Increased sales / revenue

Clearer communication

Higher workplace satisfaction

Improved morale & respect 

Greater capability for innovation

Higher employee retention

Evidence-based influence

Healthier self-confidence

Promotions / Increased salary

Enhanced team collaboration


Want to work with Sarah?

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Sarah has worked with folks from all types of backgrounds and industries, from senior leadership to small business owner.

I have worked for a large automotive manufacturing company for over 30 years and have participated in hundreds of training sessions. Sarah is a most inspiring coach. Her energy and presence creates an atmosphere of willing participation. Most impressive is her skill in connecting with people and breaking through precontemplative and resistant participation.

Don Weaver

Launch Manager, General Motors

Sarah brings energy to any setting! She delivers content and adjusts to an audience like no other, to bring the most impactful takeaways possible! She levels, understands and easily adapts with others by sharing her own experiences, which makes her very relatable. Sarah is super tenacious with her own work, but beyond that, she believes in stretching and instilling confidence in individuals to think and surpass their own challenges, abilities and strengths!

Robin Rozelle

Director of Human Resources, Biewer Lumber

I have gone through several professional development programs in my 30+ year career. My experience working with Sarah stands alone at the top as the best experience I have had. Sarah’s leadership and mentoring helped me realize that my experience and knowledge were valuable, and others seek learning from me. Sarah helped me realize a change of perspective that still guides me in about everything I do.

Steve Hunt

VP Preconstruction, Dee Cramer

I absolutely loved working with Sarah! As a first timer at a Seed Dream convention, Sarah made the whole room feel like we were family. Her contagious enthusiasm and personality is remarkable. I developed strengths in communication and obtained the ability to get the results in my business that I desired and deserved. This training is a great example of self love and I highly recommend the course to anyone that is working towards improving their life. I was lucky to have found Sarah and can’t wait to attend another Seed Dream event!

Cheri Shamaly

Children's Author & Illustrator

Sarah is an absolute joy to work with. She exemplifies what she is teaching in a way that’s genuine, contagious, and effective. Her passion and authenticity shines through in every area of her work. She has a true gift for encouragement and perspective. If you don’t believe “you can” before meeting Sarah, just you wait. I’m convinced that if you have a willing attitude and Sarah on your team, you’re sure to see results!

Robin Scrace

Legal Assistant, Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C.

Dynamic, uplifting and high energy is what Sarah brings to the room. Sarah has been an intricate part in helping to shape our business culture.

Mark Massey

Owner, Retrofoam

It's easy to work with Sarah

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Seed Dream took root (punny huh?) with the vision to help people see themselves and others differently through the potential of courage and positive change. Sarah lights up a room. She is sincere. She has the unique ability to encourage and help people realize their inherent capabilities are ready to flourish. Truly! Sarah is highly skilled at transforming stagnant and broken mindsets into healthy and courageous visionaries.

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