is your greatest advantage.

Courage can be a mighty force. It can transform mediocre into exceptional, bench warmers into stars, and sheep into lions. Sarah Villanueva-Wilson of Seed Dream is here to help you gain that courage. From leadership training, team coaching, to speaking and facilitation, Sarah teaches you with authenticity, inspiration, and fun.

Seed Dream was founded with the vision to help people see themselves and others differently — with a growth mindset through a positive lens. The potential is there and ready to take root — it just needs to be nurtured in order to grow and see positive results over time.

Hello, I’m Sarah

You have more potential than you realize. More influence, more confidence, and greater abilities. My name is Sarah Villanueva-Wilson, a professional leadership coach and trainer with exceptional skills that help you see your blind spots and fix broken areas. I’ll help you envision the very best version of yourself and then equip you with practical tools to make it a daily reality. I’m skilled at getting your teams to step out of their comfort zones, see a new perspective, and then use the given tools for greater courage in every aspect of life. This is when meaningful change and growth truly happens.


Partnering with Sarah provides the ability to transform your culture through hands-on practice of relational and leadership skills that build healthy work-places. You’ll become an industry pioneer that doesn’t accept the status quo, while attracting and retaining the highest caliber employees. 

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Sarah brings a dynamic and enthusiastic brightness to the room — delivering motivation and inspiration through keynotes, workshops, seminars, weekend retreats, lunch-and-learns, and conferences. Her ability to connect with audiences and plant the vision for greatness is exceptional. 

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Sarah provides 1:1 executive coaching to help you recognize blind spots — the ones you’re not aware of (but everyone else is). Sarah delivers accountability and support to help you develop a personalized style of leadership with skills and practices that will leave a legacy and help your people thrive.

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More about Sarah

Sarah has a unique ability to help people see a greater version of themselves. Her experience spans over 12 years — coaching, training, and encouraging — with great enthusiasm, sincerity, and inspiration.

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Positive impact & improved results

Courage is a decision. When you make the choice to quit whining and blaming others, pull up your bootstraps and be brave, that's when things begin to change for the good — attitude, effectiveness, communication, company culture, team dynamics, personal relationships, and ultimately company revenue.

  • Self-confidence in any situation / 87%
  • Resilience to change / 78%
  • Organizational culture / 63%
  • Communication skills / 82%
  • Workplace satisfaction / 95%

Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growning, practicing patience and being persistent.

Billy Graham


Sarah has worked with folks from all types of backgrounds and industries, from senior leadership to small business owner.

"I have worked for a large automotive manufacturing company for over 30 years and have participated in hundreds of training sessions. Sarah is a most inspiring coach. Her energy and presence creates an atmosphere of willing participation. Most impressive is her skill in connecting with people and breaking through precontemplative and resistant participation."

Don Weaver

Launch Manager, General Motors

"Sarah brings energy to any setting! She delivers content and adjusts to an audience like no other, to bring the most impactful takeaways possible! She levels, understands and easily adapts with others by sharing her own experiences, which makes her very relatable. Sarah is super tenacious with her own work, but beyond that, she believes in stretching and instilling confidence in individuals to think and surpass their own challenges, abilities and strengths!"

Robin Rozelle

Director of Human Resources, Biewer Lumber

"I have gone through several professional development programs in my 30+ year career. My experience working with Sarah stands alone at the top as the best experience I have had. Sarah’s leadership and mentoring helped me realize that my experience and knowledge were valuable, and others seek learning from me. Sarah helped me realize a change of perspective that still guides me in about everything I do."

Steve Hunt

VP Preconstruction, Dee Cramer

"I absolutely loved working with Sarah! As a first timer at a Seed Dream convention, Sarah made the whole room feel like we were family. Her contagious enthusiasm and personality is remarkable. I developed strengths in communication and obtained the ability to get the results in my business that I desired and deserved. This training is a great example of self love and I highly recommend the course to anyone that is working towards improving their life. I was lucky to have found Sarah and can't wait to attend another Seed Dream event!"

Cheri Shamaly

Children's Author & Illustrator

"Sarah is an absolute joy to work with. She exemplifies what she is teaching in a way that’s genuine, contagious, and effective. Her passion and authenticity shines through in every area of her work. She has a true gift for encouragement and perspective. If you don’t believe “you can” before meeting Sarah, just you wait. I’m convinced that if you have a willing attitude and Sarah on your team, you’re sure to see results!"

Robin Scrace

Legal Assistant, Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C.

"Dynamic, uplifting and high energy is what Sarah brings to the room. Sarah has been an intricate part in helping to shape our business culture."

Mark Massey

Owner, Retrofoam

It's easy to work with Sarah

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Seed Dream took root (punny huh?) with the vision to help people see themselves and others differently through the potential of courage and positive change. Sarah lights up a room. She is sincere. She has the unique ability to encourage and help people realize their inherent capabilities are ready to flourish. Truly! Sarah is highly skilled at transforming stagnant and broken mindsets into healthy and courageous visionaries.

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